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Posted on 9/21/2021
It's likely that we all know someone who suffers with migraines and we may support people in our work who would benefit from our understanding. This article explains what migraines are and how we can offer support.


The emotional burden of being unwell

Posted on 9/17/2021
The guilt of being a burden on society in general and on family is something that Victoria Bartle experienced as a disabled woman. How might guilt affect those that you care for? Victoria explains in her own words.


Nutrition-more powerful than we might think

Posted on 9/15/2021
Nutrition alone cannot cure all ailments or prevent all serious diseases – regardless of some of the ‘wonder cure’ claims we might see in the media. What is the truth about nutrition and how our food impacts our health?


The Mental Health Workforce

Posted on 9/9/2021
Workforce challenges and skill shortages across the NHS have a direct impact on patient care, none more so than within mental health services. This article explores current skill and staff shortages in mental health services and the innovations under


Positive communication in dementia care

Posted on 9/7/2021
Dementia can make it more diffiicult to communicate for patients, families and professionals. Andi Smart gives us some tips for communicating well with those who have dementia.


Self managing teams

Posted on 9/3/2021
Self management is a term we're hearing ore and more in the care sector. But what are self managed teams and how can it possibly work on a rota?


Controlling influence on our health in an uncertain world

Posted on 8/30/2021
The world around us has changed significantly over time. Some changes have taken place gradually over decades. Louise mercieca investigates the role of nutrition, and how food has changed, in our resilience, health and future.


Supporting emotions by recognising our hormones

Posted on 8/26/2021
We know that we're more likely to crave 'bad for us' foods when we're feeling down or anxious... but are we more likely to feel down and anxious if we don't eat well? Louise Mercieca talks us through eating to support our emotions.


Careers in 2021 - Is it possible to plan your path?

Posted on 8/24/2021
If Covid has taught us anything, it has taught us that nothing in life is certain. We knew that the career landscape was changing, but what now? Ruth McGuire explores the future.


Learning Journey

Posted on 8/19/2021
As identified in the EYFS 2017 there are four guiding principles that shape practice within early years settings. Anne Rodgers talks us through them all.


Recruitment and selection in H&SC

Posted on 8/17/2021
Jobs in care aren't like jobs in other sectors... and that sometimes means that recruitment differs too. Find out about Health and Social Care recruitment and selection in this article.


When is it not discrimination? - Victoria Bartle

Posted on 8/16/2021
Some jobs might have requirements under health and safety law or be exempt from euality legislation because of a service need... but when is discrimination allowed? Victoria Bartle explores.


Online Interviews - Simon Bell

Posted on 8/12/2021
Online interviews were once rare, but now that employers look to minimise risk through reducing visitors, they're getting more popular.


Careers interview - Mental Health Care Worker

Posted on 8/10/2021
Ever wondered what a day in the life of a Mental Health Nurse looks like? Maybe a career in nursing is something that interests you? Find out as Careerwave interview a Mental Health Nurse.


Navigating ACEs - Ruth McGuire

Posted on 7/27/2021
We can't always know the experiences of everyone we work with. What can we do to provide a safe environement for those who have experienced trauma and how should we respond if they make a disclosure?


Maintaining self care throughout our career

Posted on 7/21/2021
Emotional Development is a key part of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS). How can we hold on to it for life?



Posted on 7/13/2021
Chocolate has been enjoyed by humans for centuries, but is it good for us? Louise Merceica gives us her professional opinion.


EYFS Mini-series - start here!

Posted on 7/7/2021
In the first of this three part series, CACHE's subject specialist for Childcare and Education examines the changes to the EYFS and considers how we might apply them to practice.


EYFS Mini-Series - Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning

Posted on 7/7/2021
The COETL are described as how children learn. When we know how children learn we recognise and by identifying their motivation for learning, allowing practitioners to develop , higher quality teaching and learning experiences will take place.



Posted on 7/7/2021
Long Covid is a long term illness with many similarities to Chronic Fatigue syndromes, like MECFS. Victoria Bartle investigates.


EYFS Mini-Series - Supporting the prime areas

Posted on 7/7/2021
Considering the Early Years Foundation Stage changes, to be implemented in September 2021, it is important to revisit the Prime Areas of the framework and review and/or revise your own curriculum and pedagogy.


EYFS Mini-Series - Supporting the specific areas

Posted on 7/7/2021
With the revised Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework being implemented in September 2021, it is important that as a workforce, we reflect on our provision. The specific areas are of no exception.



Posted on 7/5/2021
Learn how to write the CV that best reflects your current goals in this article which explores CV best practice, tips for success and when to break the rules.


A Careers interview with... Leesa, an outreach worker

Posted on 7/1/2021
Leesa works as an Outreach Worker, supporting people who are at risk from or who are experiencing domestic abuse. Read more about her role.


The Importance Of Music

Posted on 6/24/2021


Talking to Children about digestive health

Posted on 6/23/2021
The digestive system is a fascinating area, with many aspects that children find interesting and amusing! So, to ensure that their education is as impactful as possible, Louise Mercieca shares some tips for engaging children in conversation.


NICE guidelines on chronic pain treatments

Posted on 6/22/2021
In Sept 2019 the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines for chronic pain treatment were updated for the first time in two years. Victoria Bartle investigates the impact.


Careers Interview - Residential Social Care Worker

Posted on 6/17/2021
CareerWave Ltd interviews Jess about her role within the health and social care sector and about her motivations to work in this challenging yet highly rewarding job role as a residential social care worker.


Obesity - An Ongoing Pandemic

Posted on 6/15/2021
If we treated obesity as a metabolic condition linked to a combination of emotional and biological factors, then we may feel more comfortable discussing it, but it's a sensitive subject. Louise Mercieca explains


Interview with a Registered Care Home Manager

Posted on 6/7/2021
What's it like to manage a care home? Careerwave explores a day in the life of a Registered Care Home Manager


Resilience And Wellbeing

Posted on 5/25/2021
How career development can support resilience and wellbeing - key things that are happening in the Health and Social Care sector and what workers can do to ensure their own wellbeing.


Neuroscience And Sleep

Posted on 5/20/2021
How does sleep work and what can we do to get our brains 'ready for bed'? Can Ruth unlock the neuroscience of sleep?