How CACHE Alumni helped me: Learners



Chloe Singleton and Freya Stott are currently studying the CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education (Early Years Educator) at Bolton College.

They’ve used CACHE Alumni to support them with their learning and CPD while studying. We spoke to them about their career aspirations and how CACHE Alumni has helped them.


Can you tell us about the qualification you are currently studying and why?


Chloe: We’re currently studying the Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education. This is a course that consists of 15 units of coursework and requires 750 hours of attending an early years setting and a primary school. I chose to do this course as from a young age I enjoyed looking after children in my family and helping them learn.

Freya: I chose the Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education as when I was in high school, I enjoyed seeing the different teaching styles and seeing which worked for me. This encouraged me to want to help younger people.


What are your career aspirations?


Chloe: After completing this qualification, I’m going to university to study psychology as I would like to enter the mental health sector to be able to influence young people to make better decisions.

Freya: I’m going to university to study primary school teaching and learn more about special needs as I would like to eventually work in that sector.


How has CACHE Alumni helped you?


Freya: We heard about CACHE Alumni from our college tutor, Jennifer Coke. We also did some research and we were lucky to have Dawn, CACHE Alumni Editor, visit our college to deliver a careers advice and CPD session.

CACHE Alumni is beneficial to us as we are able to keep track of CPD. We can carry out different types of CPD and find out the different ways to do so. It also helps us to keep track of everything that is happening with the EYFS and be informed if anything is changing. We think this benefit us the most as it means we will never be behind on our knowledge of the EYFS.


Would you recommend CACHE Alumni to others, and why?


Chloe: We would recommend CACHE Alumni to other professionals in this area because we think they will be able to benefit from this and find easy ways to keep track of their progress and everything they need to know to develop in this profession.


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